Me, and This Blog, in a Nutshell:

My name is Kari. I am a stay-at-home wife who has been married for over 17 years. I love my husband, our fur-baby, and my life.  My hobbies include reading, watching movies, sometimes quilting, and now I’ve started trying new recipes. This is the place I will be writing about the books I read and the movies I watch. I hope you will be inspired to open some of the books I write about and watch some of the movies I watch. Feel free to let me know books you might want to read but don’t have the time to and I will see about adding it to my list to read and review. By the way, my reviews are in no way going to be professional. I’m just a regular girl giving you my opinion.

There are many books I have read multiple times but I am trying very hard to keep my hands off those books for now. If I happen to pick one of those up, I will let you know in my review if it is a book I have read many times or a movie I have seen over and over.

If you are interested in the recipes I am cooking, you can see those at Kari’s Recipes. Some I’ve recently gotten from Pinterest, some from cookbooks, and others that I’ve made either from scratch or family recipes.


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