Divergent – the movie

I bought and read the book this week so I’m glad I got to see the movie  so closely after reading the book. It mostly follows the book with a few small(ish) exceptions (some probably for safety of the actors) and it doesn’t leave you hanging the way the book does. I’m not sure if they’re going to make the second and third books into movies with the way they ended Divergent all nice and neat because the book doesn’t end that way. It was still a very good movie and very entertaining. I would give it four to four and a half stars.

I love the actor they got to play Four.  He fit that role VERY well. I think the size of the actressess for Christina and Tris should have been reversed since Tris is depicted in the book to be extremely short, petite, and small but both girls played their roles well and their size switch is the only thing I would have changed. I pictured Al to be chunkier than his onscreen counterpart and was a bit disappointed that the boy they had play him was just stockily built. When reading the book, I pictured a Gwyneth Paltrow type person playing Jeanine (tall, thin, long straight blond hair) instead of Kate Winslet and was a little disappointed in Winslet in this role for some reason…but it could have just been my preconceived ideals going into the movie.

Whether you have seen the book or not will make no difference when seeing this movie (although having not yet read the other two books I have no idea what really happens to one of the characters that had a good ending scene in this movie – not saying who so as to not give away anything). It is still entertaining.


Divergent – the book

Divergent was a GREAT book! Now I want to see the movie…which I will be doing later today. Without giving too much away, this book is about a girl who lives in the U.S. in the future. She lives in a time where people are separated by their character traits and everyone has just one main character trait they live by. Living by more than one (or thinking outside the box) is considered Divergent. The character traits are: kindness (Amity), bravery (Dauntless), intelligence (Erudite), truthfulness (Candor), and selflessness (Abnegation). When a child is in their 16th year of life, they are given a test which determines their tendencies. The day after the test they choose to stay in their faction or change to a different faction. This book is about Beatrice, who was born Abnegation, and her decision as well as how her life changes after that decision. The motto of every faction is “Faction before Blood” and sometimes that motto is tested. If you choose family over faction, you are booted out of your faction and become “factionless” which means you are now the dregs of society. If you do not pass the initiation of your faction, you are booted out and also become factionless. Once you are factionless, you will never be part of a faction again.

This was a great read and an easy read. I am already looking forward to purchasing and reading the next two books in the series because it does leave you on a cliffhanger of sorts and you want to see what becomes of the characters.