Song of Redemption

Song of Redemption is the second book in the King series written by Lynn Austen. Like the first book in the series, I couldn’t put this book down and I will be starting the third book SOON. I love this book series! This book is all about the reign of Hezekiah, how he brought the tribe of Judah back to God…or at least tried to bring Judah back to God, and how the Assyrians marched against nations including Israel.

Three quotes that struck home with me in this book were:

  1. from page 26: “But how do I prepare for something like that?….You pray and you allow the Lord to be your strength. Remember – the Lord doesn’t GIVE you strength, Hezekiah. He IS your strength.” (emphasis mine)
  2. from page 108: “Unless you make up your mind to trust Him, you’ll never know that Yahweh is faithful.”
  3. from page 230: “Why don’t you stop feeling sorry for yourself and start trusting in God?”

I’m sure I will purchase (I’ve borrowed this series from my mom) and read this book again years from now and I will glean different nuggets of truth as I will be in a different place and have a different perspective at that time.


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