Battleship (2012) – I LOVE this movie and I now own it. I watch it every time it comes on TV and now I can watch it any time I want. I give this movie 4.5 stars only because it is a bit cheesy at times. It has GREAT special effects and fight sequences. It has a message about not giving up and doing what you can. It tells a story of a guy who is nothing but a screw up and how he finds the love of his life and steps up to the plate when he is needed to become the leader of a battleship being attacked by aliens. I love how it brings WWII vets into the storyline and honors them as well as asking for their help. If you are remotely patriotic I think you will enjoy this movie. I also love how they bring a small portion of the game into the movie…but you’ll have to see it, I won’t tell it here. =)


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